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Scantronic grade 2 and 3 panels

New from manufacturer Eaton is its new Scantronic grade 2 and 3 panels. Both work with SecureConnect – a smart security management system for residential and commercial buildings. The expandable, remotely configurable panels are aimed at medium and large premises, as they allow users to connect and manage up to 50 or 200 zones.

SecureConnect panels the makers say offer a lower cost per zone thanks to an ten-zone expander design, rather than the traditional eight. This enables a decimal numbering system. On-device buzzers triggered from any keypad then save hours looking for hidden expanders in challenging locations – a help on large complex sites.

As for install, unlike with conventional panels, Flexibus offers the flexibility to install up to 50 devices, to optimise cable runs: whether by allocating devices equally across all buses, installing all devices on a single bus, or using any combination in between. Besides saving cabling time, it cuts cabling costs, the company adds. Thanks to cloud-connected capabilities, users can set and unset their alarm system via the Secure Connect app from anywhere, plus customisable push notifications and third-party product integration via LAN or cloud.

Eaton Product Manager, Dave Ward, said: “Eaton first launched its SecureConnect-enabled grade 2 radio and hybrid panels in 2016. These have been very well received by our customers since, thanks to their dependability, as well as their class-leading security capabilities. These two new panels now provide the same features for metal housing expandable systems and those with Grade 3 capabilities. The i-on SecureConnect range now offers a solution for almost any installation.”

A common programming method across all i-on control panels minimises training and further reduces installation time, the makers add. Semi Auto Addressing of the expander – instead of relying on the installer’s memory – prevents the confusion of two devices being accidentally given the same address.

Like all Scantronic products, the new panel range comes with technical service, training and support through the TouchPoint hub.


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