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Indoor siren with courtesy light

Pyronix has released its indoor siren with courtesy light, the mains-powered wireless SPEAKER/SOUNDER-WE.

The siren audibly alerts users to system activity, while the bright courtesy light on the front illuminates and flashes with alarm events or a mains fail. Laurence Kenny, Pyronix Marketing Director, described it as the company’s latest added-value option for the Enforcer V11 and other Pyronix hybrid systems using the EURO-ZEM32-WE. “The product provides clear audible and visual indications of system activity across the property to keep the user completely aware of any changes.”

The siren complements the Enforcer V11 alarm control panel, by replicating the chime, entry/exit, alarm, fire and even public address tones. The courtesy strobes in the event of an alarm activation, slow flashes for a chime and illuminates constantly as the user enters or exits the property or as a safety light in the event of a fire. This can be particularly useful for the hard of hearing. The courtesy light will also illuminate constantly for up to 30 minutes in the event of a mains power fail. The siren also works with the latest EURO-ZEM32-WE release with hub version 4.03.052.

Laurence Kenny added: “Quickly and easily set up and configured by the installer, things like volumes and the bright courtesy light can also be adjusted by the user, should their preferences change at a later date; they can enter the setup mode on the unit to adjust the volume by five increments, as well as activate or deactivate the light.”



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