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Access Control

Wireless escutcheon

ASSA ABLOY’s new SMARTair i-max Escutcheon from Abloy UK, ensures only authorised users pass through doors, via a range of credentials including virtual keys stored on a smartphone. Wire-free installation allows for a SMARTair access control system in any building, the physical security product company adds.

This new wireless escutcheon with RFID reader and Bluetooth compatibility handles high-traffic, frequent-use doors, says the manufacturer. It meets standard EN 1906 Category of use: Grade 4 for robustness — the highest level, recommended for doors “which are subject to frequent violent use”. The SMARTair escutcheon is suitable the makers say for busy doors at universities and schools; healthcare sites including hospitals and nursing homes; offices and co-working spaces; apartment complexes and multi-family residences; and public buildings, sports centres and libraries. The escutcheon is also available with an anti-bacterial coating, for healthcare and other sterile settings.

The new escutcheon is battery powered and works with all standard proximity credential technologies, including MIFARE, DESFire and iCLASS. An optional integrated PINpad lets the user add another layer of security with multi-factor authentication. You can specify doors to open with PIN verification or credential verification — or require both.

The new escutcheon comes in a variety of contemporary finishes and handle options — with up to 16 combinations. A multi-coloured LED gives visual warning signals at a glance. The product fits glass, wooden or aluminium doors — including fire and emergency exit doors — and is available for Scandinavian, Euro, Finnish and Australasian door profiles.

The new product is compatible with all SMARTair system management options: Standalone, for basic access control functionality; Update on Card; Openow and Pro Wireless Online, for real-time management of every door and system user. It also offers another way to open doors: the SMARTair Mobile App to open doors remotely and the SMARTair Openow mobile app.

With Openow, users no longer carry separate card or fob credentials. Instead, their smartphone stores secure virtual keys which can be issued, amended or cancelled. So, users no longer need to collect or validate an access card to open doors locked with a new SMARTair i-max escutcheon. With Openow, if you have your phone, you are already carrying your keys, the company says.


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