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Access Control


Below, a case of how after continued break-ins at a previous site – where items worth thousands of pounds were stolen – a major distribution centre near Birmingham centralised stock and all distribution.

Brett Evans, Director of Custom Technology Solutions, was approached to specify security to stop the well-planned attacks. Having worked with manufacturer Optex Europe’s detectors for many years, Brett was already aware of their capability: “I have worked in the security industry for more than 10 years and consider Optex Europe to be market leaders in terms of detection.

I was advised that REDSCAN had all the benefits of all the other REDWALL range of products with the added reliability and accuracy of lasers. We installed 12 of the REDSCAN detectors in a virtual fence from ceiling to floor, which activate eight fully functional dome cameras to presets and send video alarms via an ADPRO FastTrace2 to a monitoring centre, and we have had very few false alarms. The speed and ease of installation is another bonus for our engineers.”


The RLS3060, pictured, is a laserscan detector that can determine a target’s size, speed and distance from the unit. A unique algorithm ensures detection of activity with the makers say minimal false alarms. The detector can be mounted to allow horizontal or vertical detection fields. 


When mounted vertically, the detector creates a 60 metre detection field that acts as a wall; when mounted horizontally, a 30m radius detection field is created over a 180 degree area. The detection field can be zoned, and the unit offers four independent outputs to allow varied responses to be initiated. The detector can be manually configured, or automatic configuration can be applied, covering it’s claimed even complex shaped areas.


Nigel Hackett, Sales Director for Optex Europe, says: “Our products deliver maximum capture rates with minimum false alarms, whatever the environment.”




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