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Touchless access

The Wave XS from Salto offers access control with a touchless button.

Upgrading to touchless access control allows for hands-free entry, doing away with the need to make contact with common touchpoints upon entry. Depending on the configuration, the reader’s capacitive technology can sense hand gestures. All the user has to do is approach the door and the hand activates the door to open. With the standard reader range, you can install hands-free automatic door opening hardware on an electrified door to promote a touchless, disability compliant workplace. The product can also be integrated with the Salto controller (CU) product range which integrates with lifts, turnstiles, and parking garages to further reduce touchpoints in a building.

The firm says contactless push-button devices are activated by proximity using microwave, infrared, and laser sensors. Some products allow doors to be opened by bringing the hand to within a centimetres of the reader. The product has a black and white faceplate and surface mounting. The makers offer several design, text and symbol configurable options.



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