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Access Control

RF kit roll-out

The security installer, Green Gate Access Systems, is rolling out Radio Frequency (RF) receiver equipment made by INTRATONE, the access control product company, across its 400 clients with secured doors and gates.

As well as this, Maidstone, Kent-based Green Gate is also installing Intratone’s audio and video intercom equipment at many sites, and in particular its INTRABOX access control range.

The technology comes with a monthly subscription contract (without binding duration) or with a 15-year pre-paid GSM SIM card. All is managed remotely by INTRATONE’s management platform.

Neil Sampson, Managing Director at Green Gate Access Systems, says: “With previous GSM-operated access control systems, the SIM card often proved to cause major problems. However with a pre-paid system, the question of where the card comes from and any issues over payment are removed, and what was a major barrier is no longer a consideration.

“Likewise, we are able to operate, monitor and update every access control system from one platform, which saves time and money and removes the logistical challenge of visiting each site on a regular basis to carry out simple works.”

The systems are operated by proximity reading key fobs, which are also remotely managed. If a user loses their fob, the operator is able to establish its identity and disable it for future use. A new fob can then be activated and despatched. Every time a fob is used the data is sent back to the remote operating platform, giving operators an overview of that particular gate or secured door’s activity. Any unusual activity can thus be identified and monitored.

Green Gate was introduced to INTRATONE by Cardin, which is one of its key distributors, as its Sales Director, Jason Gregg says: “We have built an excellent relationship with the manufacturer which understands the needs of end-users and removes much of the complexities. INTRATONE’s back-end operating system is easy to use, and therefore its equipment is quickly becoming a product of choice for many end users.”

Nicolas Gaine, International Sales Manager at INTRATONE, says this is a good example of the partnerships built with distributors: “Excellent relationships are a must in our industry and we have successfully maintained them to a level that our volume of work is increasing steadily via this route. With pre-paid GSM systems, product reliability and our operating platform we are reaching out to a broad range of suppliers with end users in a multitude of industries.”


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