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Access Control


The Briton CO-100 Offline Electronic Lock, launched by Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies (IR), offers a solution for smaller premises, the makers say.

The CO-100 provides an opportunity to replace or enhance traditional mechanical keys, which can be difficult to manage, and upgrade to electronic access control without the cost or complexity of a fully networked system.

The battery-operated lock can be manually programmed assigning unique PIN codes to users which can be added or deleted, offering according to IR a flexible but secure solution.

The lock requires minimal maintenance, it’s claimed, as security codes can be programmed at the door and four AA batteries will power the lock for around two years. The product has passed ANSI/BHMA 156.25 grade 1 certification and is UL294 listed. 

Melanie Bridge, Product Category Manager at Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies, said: “The CO-100 gives customers the chance to easily upgrade to electronic access control. The lock is keypad programmable which means that users can have personal access codes for added security without complication. This lock, which replaces the Briton Cobra, is recommended for smaller buildings with a relatively small number of users who may not have the budget or time to implement a fully networked, electronic access system. It presents a cost-effective solution for offices or storerooms looking to increase security.”

The lock comes with four manual code options: ‘normal’ (which temporarily unlocks the door); ‘toggle’ (which changes the state of the door unless in a ‘freeze’ state); ‘freeze’ (which maintains the lock in its current locked or unlocked state) and ‘pass through’ (which unlocks a lock momentarily, regardless of state). For added safety, the electronic lock allows for free egress from the interior regardless of the lock function chosen. The product comes in four finishes – satin chrome as standard with satin brass, bright chrome and satin chrome with impregnated antimicrobial properties available to special order. The handle can be reversed on site and is available in two styles. The lock is powered by 4no. AA batteries and features a flashing LED to indicate low battery. More information about the CO-100 is available from the Marketing Department – ring 01922 707400 or visit –



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