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Access Control

Logistics access

Stanley Security Solutions has  installed an integrated electronic entry system for logistics company Mini Clipper at its new premises in Bedfordshire. Specialising in the delivery of palletised freight, Mini Clipper employs almost 100 people and operates a fleet of vehicles.  The company recently moved to a new, larger site, that allowed for more effective staff and visitor access control.

A long standing customer of Stanley, Mini Clipper has employed its time and attendance products for more than 15 years. Stanley provided a site-wide access control system able to handle pedestrians and vehicles.  

Stanley was able to advise on developing the site from a vehicle entry point of view from the outset, helping Mini Clipper to plan site redevelopment.  

Stanley has now installed its NT500 access control system integrated with the security gates and intercom system, besides connecting to a remote location. Mini Clipper can control and monitor access to the site with a fob and badge without restricting flow of vehicles or staff. The NT500 Access and Alarm Server, made by Stanley, is an expandable controller.  Security is in part attributed to the Secure Socket Communications and a built-in Firewall for ‘data centre grade’ protection.  System downtime is negated by use of Distributed Intelligent Controllers so that even if the main communication lines are lost, the on-site security is maintained at all times.  Stanley has also upgraded Mini Clipper’s time and attendance system to its latest Astrow system, for managing payroll costs. Employees can clock remotely via a pc and request holidays, and helping the management team monitor operational costs.

Peter Masters, Managing Director of Mini Clipper, said: “We wanted access control throughout the new site and liked the convenience of having it directly linked to the electronic pay role, which Stanley has provided us for years. The access control is used across a large site and has proved to be robust. It keeps the unwanted out and protects the freight within, which our customers like very much.” 


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