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Access Control

Campus pilot project

The access and identity product company HID Global reports an access control pilot project at Vanderbilt University in Nashville in the United States. It’s validated the use of smartphones as a way to open doors with a “tap” or using the company’s patented “Twist and Go” gesture for opening doors and gates from a distance. 

The pilot was with the company’s HID Mobile Access product that supports Bluetooth Smart and includes Mobile IDs, Mobile Apps, mobile-enabled iCLASS SE readers, and its HID Secure Identity Services portal for making and revoking Mobile IDs to Apple and Android mobile devices.

Vanderbilt University reports there were about 15 participants in the pilot that used their smartphones to open doors at one or more of six possible campus entry points, including one parking garage.  Entry points had mobile-enabled iCLASS SE readers that were configured to work with iCLASS smart cards as well as HID Global’s Mobile IDs. 

Anthony Ball, senior vice president, Identity Access Management with HID Global, said: “A critical element of HID Mobile Access is its ease of issuing, managing and revoking Mobile IDs to smartphones, and the pilot results reflect our achievement in creating a user-friendly experience for customers via our HID Secure Identity Services portal. The university provided positive feedback on the Mobile ID issuance process, citing that the portal made it fairly straightforward and provisioning was fast and easy. The university’s system administrators particularly liked how they could see the status of the invitation and each device all the way through the registration and provisioning process.” 

Vanderbilt uses CBORD’s CS Access product with VertX access control panels from HID Global. CS Access is a component of the CS Gold campus card system in use on campus. No changes were required to the CBORD system to aid the use of Mobile IDs on smartphones for access. Participants used their own smartphones in the pilot to include Apple iPhone 4S, 5, 5C and 5S devices and Android-based Samsung Galaxy S4 and Mini 3S handsets. 

Max Steinhardt, CBORD President, said: “Vanderbilt University is a long-time CBORD client with a very innovative campus card and integrated security programme. Bluetooth Smart is a powerful new technology making the student experience more convenient and secure. We’re really pleased to partner with Vanderbilt and HID Global in this exciting pilot program to further demonstrate the value of mobile credentials in the university environment.”

In a survey of Vanderbilt pilot participants, respondents cited convenience as the top attribute of HID Mobile Access, since their smartphones are always with them and they are less likely to lose them as compared to their access card. Respondents further pointed out the benefit of using their phone as a backup in cases where their cards were lost or stolen. Pilot participants indicated they loved using HID Global’s “Twist and Go” gesture to open the garage parking gate as they drove up to the reader, including the convenience of not having to roll down their window as they approached.

For new buildings, Vanderbilt will install iCLASS SE readers so they can leverage the valuable new capabilities of mobile access, while still retaining interoperability with legacy cards.


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