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Access Control

Android device launch

The software company SMI Global recently launched a new Android device to their mobile access control systems.

This is the latest development in their work on the security problem of “how can you use a wall reader – when there is no wall?”

According to SMI, their new Android device will provide a technical innovation to the access control industry that is dominated by other Windows-based rugged hand-held devices. The developers say this new mobile device will enable extended access control to be adopted by other sectors looking, in more urban environments.

The mobile products provided by SMI are mostly used in the harsh environments of oil and gas installations and construction. But the company reports increasing demand from other sectors to implement these security measures in more urban areas, hence a solution based on these devices. Like current systems the Android device will enable the user to not only verify access, but to see cardholder details, and will integrate with access control systems. With a small, light form factor and processor, this device will be suited it is claimed for less harsh environments. Fitted with a stand-alone usage of more than ten hours, this PDA is designed to look like a smartphone.



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