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Access system with keypad

The manufacturer Abloy UK has launched an updated version of its SMARTair stand-alone access control system with keypad, allowing users to programme a key-code or card on the unit. Featuring a user interface, the SMARTair keypad controls mean that the unit can be programmed with an ectra code or card in less than a minute, the product developers say.

Like its predecessor, the new SMARTair escutcheon can be incorporated into existing systems, making it suitable for a range of installations it is claimed. The new keypad gives another method of entry for users so it’s for use the makers say in hospitals or small offices.

The standard package will be made up of three main components – an Abloy EL160 Lock case, an Abloy SMARTair Escutcheon with Keypad Unit, and an ABLOY NOVEL patented cylinder. Every time the door locks, the EL160 will re-deadlock keeping the door secure, while the SMARTair handle will allow egress from the inside with the outside handle remaining disabled until a valid code or entry credential is presented. The patented cylinder maintains a secure mechanical form of entry at all times.

The units will also work with standard MiFare technology, meaning they can be integrated into a PROTEC2 CLIQ system.

Stuart Courcoux, Product Manager at Abloy UK, said: “Our SMARTair access control system is already a popular choice for many organisations, but the addition of the keypad activation takes its versatility to the next level. This system is ideal for a number of sectors, including commercial office spaces, healthcare and education facilities.”


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