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Access Control

Access controller

New from Nedap is the AEOS Blue line of controllers. The Dutch firm says the controllers, now on the sixth generation, build on the AEOS Security Management Platform

Nedap describe the product line as energy-efficient and self-contained, consisting of door controller, door interface and power. Aside from the hardware, another new feature of the AEOS Blue is the redesigned software licensing model. Functions include control of air locks and revolving gates.

Once installed, extra security features can be added to the AEOS Blue at any time. For example, the selection of AEOS software components allow secure doors to be customised for holding areas and use with CCTV. The controller works with PoE+. Power is provided through the existing network, saving on installation costs and eliminating the need for installation of separate power feeds.

Albert Dercksen, Manager Research & Development of Nedap, says: “Nedap believes that the best security systems are designed as IT systems. That’s why 15 years ago, we decided to separate software and hardware on the controller. That means we can not only define the functionality of the hardware through the software, but can also easily adapt that functionality to changing requirements and needs. Just like you would expect from your computer.

“Of course, the hardware determines how much you can get out of your software. Our new cost-effective hardware line, AEOS Blue, puts all the functionality of the AEOS software in your hands.”



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