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Access Control

Access control for construction sites

Bull Products, a manufacturer of fire protection equipment for construction sites, has launched an access control product, the Bull SmartGate. The firm says it offers complete control of access to site. Using turnstiles, the system can be installed inside a building or at a site entrance.

The turnstiles can be interfaced with temporary emergency alarms which will allow the turnstile to rotate freely, enabling a quick escape in the event of a site evacuation.

The SmartGate features Infobric cloud attendance software, providing construction sites with a way of keeping track of the presence on site. A user can monitor who is on the construction site, how long they are there and how much time they are spending on projects. Users can add units to control registration and presence as the site grows.

Bradley Markham, Director at Bull Products, describes it as an all-in-one access control solution. He says: “During construction developments, managers need to be able to effectively control and keep track of those entering and exiting the site as well as ensuring projects are delivered on time. Our SmartGate System provides a reliable and smart process to maximise site protection, enhance health and safety and ensure site managers stay in full control of their site around the clock.”

The SmartGate System also features Ievo Biometric Hardware which has been designed to add a layer of security for sites. Using multispectral imaging (MSI), it can capture levels of skin debris (up to 4mm deep) of a finger, which allows for a high number of uniquely identifiable data points to be recognised and used for a more accurate and efficient process, the product firms say.

The biometric hardware also comes with an internal thermostat-controlled heater and the fingerprint reader can operate in conditions as low as minus 20 degrees C and is IP65 rated, making it suitable for a range of weather conditions.

The turnstiles can be delivered to site with a fully integrated attendance software, including biometric and card readers. There are three options available; single turnstile unit, double turnstile unit and cabin turnstile unit. Visit


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