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Wireless CCTV streaming, a firm offering wireless CCTV streaming to the transport and logistics sectors, has appointed Iain Janes as Chief Executive Officer. Janes, pictured, has been given a mandate to work alongside technology provider Vemotion to provide the firm’s products and services to public and private transport in the UK and overseas. He joins with a track record as a business owner and entrepreneur, specialising in technology.

A print business owner in the 1980s, Janes moved into digital repro systems, before moving into media software, websites and the CD Roms business. In setting up eyetracker ten years ago, Janes was one of the first to introduce eye tracking as a market research tool. He has also previously worked for Vemotion (from 2007 to 2009), and says the opportunity to work with Vemotion and CEO Stewart McCone again was too good to pass up. Iain Janes says: “Vemotion has been making considerable strides in wireless technology in recent years, attracting my attention and the notice of global players, particularly concerning live streaming innovations from public transport networks.”

CriticalStreaming was recently appointed by Vemotion as its first specialist solutions provider, operating solely as a delivery mechanism for Vemotion products and services to the transport and logistics sector. Iain saw Vemotion’s practical simulation of the technology on public transport for the then West Midlands public transport provider Centro and the Safer Travel Partnership in Birmingham in 2015.


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