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Smart tickets

Nexus has started installing new smart ticket machines at its Metro stations in Newcastle city centre – and work is under way on the electronic ticket gates that will transform the way passengers access the system. The Tyneside rail operator has already upgraded 45 of its 60 Metro stations with smart ticket machines which are capable of accepting credit and debit cards and banks notes, as well as coins.

The focus is now in the sub-surface stations in Newcastle, with work already underway at Manors, Jesmond and Central Metro stations. This will be followed by Haymarket and Monument. The new automatic ticket gates, similar to the London Underground, are being installed as part of the roll out of a new smartcard ticketing system for the Tyne and Wear Metro – the Pop card.

The project involves installing smartcard validators at every station and ticket gates at 13 of the busiest stations on the Metro system. Nexus aims to have the ticket gates and validators ready for passenger use in 2013.

Director of Rail and Infrastructure for Nexus, Ken Mackay, said: “The new ticket gates are going to revolutionise the way that the public use the Metro system. This work is at the heart of our exciting £385m Metro all change modernisation programme. The new gates will allow us to crackdown on fare evasion on the system.

“Work to install the new ticket gates is happening now. Passengers will start to see them at Metro stations and we aim to have them in use during 2013.”

He added: “We have also made excellent progress with the new smart ticket machines. Two thirds of our stations now have the new technology and the rest will be done by early 2013.”

The new Metro ticket machines and electronic gates are at the heart of a £25m project to update the ticketing system on Metro. Nexus is replacing a total of 225 ticket machines at 60 stations.


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