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Women’s event

From Fagin to Phishing is the title of the sixth annual event and a celebration of five years of the Fraud Women’s Network. The event on Thursday, March 29, in central London will take a look at 200 years of organised crime.

Has organised crime changed through the ages? How have organisations tackled and mitigated these changes?  How has it evolved and shaped the way we tackle crime and look at fraudsters today?


Venue: Minster Exchange, Minster Pavement, Mincing Lane EC3R 7PP
17:00hrs to 18:00hrs    Registration and Champagne Reception
18:00hrs to 19:30hrs    Speakers with Q&A and Stella Walsh Award Presentation
19:30hrs to 21:00hrs    Networking Reception

Colin Woodcock MBE – Senior Manager Crime Techniques – Fraud – Intervention, Serious Organised Crime Agency – how crime through the ages has evolved and changed and how SOCA has tackled and combated these changes: what changes have occurred and how has crime evolved
David Chernick – MD at TREACL Ltd, chair of PREFIT, security consultant – a glimpse through the ages of how crime has changed, evolved and shaped the way we tackle crime and look at people. Visit the women’s network website.


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