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Security considerations when taking your business online

Ecommerce has experienced a boom in recent years, becoming near-essential last year in particular, meaning that there’s never been a better time for businesses to go online.

But, whether you’re just setting up your first website or aiming to improve your online presence, security considerations are vital. Indeed, a rise in cyber-attacks has come hand in hand with the growth of ecommerce, so it’s important that your business takes the following tips into account:


Look at security software

Any business that’s carrying out operations or transactions online without protection from malware is leaving itself highly vulnerable to cyber criminals. Installing anti-virus software to combat this is one of the Cornerstones of Personal Digital Security, so you shouldn’t make any exceptions when taking your business online. A good software solution provides you with peace of mind as you begin ecommerce transactions and reinforces your cyber security against threats such as hacks and identity fraud.


Set safety standards

Regardless of the size of your company, setting online safety measures could be key to maintaining your online security as you launch or update your website. This includes areas such as Email Security Standards as well as Cyber Security Training for Employees. In essence, setting standards for IT security in your business is likely to make you less of a target for potential attacks, especially in the long-term.


Password Management

Given that Most Online Security Breaches are Caused by Weak Passwords, this is an area that businesses must get right when beginning ecommerce. This is where effective password management comes in.

Installing an encrypted password generator and management software system, and producing complex passwords that you change regularly (especially for sites like your CMS admin) are important here. Again, teaching your employees about password management is also recommended for ensuring your business stays secure whilst online.


Think about who’s talking

Finally, if you’re just about to begin your online business experience, or you’re just concerned about your security moving forward, think about what you’re presenting to the public. Decide what information you want to put online, and figure out what’s confidential. Basically, managing your business security online can sometimes come down to being smart whilst sharing your information with customers. This will all help to avoid complications as you start to operate online.

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