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SASIG winter date

The Security Awareness Special Interest Group’s next seminar has the title “Security – why should anyone listen to us?”. Hosted by PricewaterhouseCoopers, it’s running on October 30. Organisers say that one of the toughest challenges faced by both CSOs and CISOs is building the case for investment in security. 



Security is often seen as an easy way to cut costs, but in a period of austerity, companies are particularly vulnerable to the whole range of traditional and emerging internal and external security threats. The need for our services is even greater. Organisers say that according to PwC’s 2012 Information Security Breaches Survey:


The average cost of a large organisation’s worst security breach is £110k to £250k

80 per cent of large organisations don’t evaluate RoI on their security expenditure

20 per cent of large organisations spend less than 1 per cent of IT budget on information security (Information Security Breaches Survey 2012 PwC).

It is often difficult to get the attention of the C-Suite, but they can’t afford to ignore the threats.


The winter SASIG is exploring:


The importance of a long-term strategic, business focussed approach to security

How to get the attention of C-suite colleagues, and achieve their buy-in by highlighting improved efficiencies and reducing losses which impact the bottom line

How to demonstrate return on investment for our security programmes through effective measurement. 


Numbers for this event are limited to 90 delegates. Register using the new registration form by visiting the following link or calling 01234 708456.


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