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Police recruiting leaders

The College of Policing has launched two new recruitment programmes to bring people with what the college terms more diverse backgrounds and new perspectives into policing.

The direct entry programme will see 20 leaders from the private, public and third sectors to join policing as a superintendent while the graduate fast track programme is seeking 82 recruits to be promoted from constable to inspector within three years. Police forces will begin recruiting in April and successful applicants will start training with the College of Policing in autumn.

Chief Executive of the College of Policing, Chief Constable Alex Marshall, said: “These programmes are a completely new way for people to join policing and will help us to ensure that the service appeals to the brightest and best people in the country. Policing is an exciting and rewarding profession which makes a difference to lives of thousands of people each and every day. These new ways for people to join will help us ensure we continue to evolve as a profession by bringing in expertise from other sectors.

“The College of Policing will support successful applicants with world-leading training so that they are properly equipped to excel within the service. I encourage anyone who wants to make a difference in their community and believes they have the right experience and skills to consider a career in policing.”

Prime Minister David Cameron said: “It is vital that police forces reflect the hard-working communities which they serve. Schemes like these will enable talented and experienced people from a range of backgrounds to bring new ideas and a fresh approach to policing. We have already slashed red tape and cut bureaucratic targets, this is about opening up policing culture by making the workforce more diverse. I want to see all forces in England and Wales rolling out these schemes.”

And Policing Minister Damian Green said: “The future success of the police is dependent on attracting the best and brightest to careers in the force. This is the first time that chief constables will be able to recruit talented and motivated leaders from other walks of life, who can bring a wide range of experience and expertise. They will receive world class training from the College of Policing and will bring a fresh perspective and approach, opening up policing culture which will benefit their colleagues and the public.”



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