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How to Recover Stolen Business Assets

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A significant amount of business equipment and a number of valuable company assets are stolen every year. One example of this is seen in London’s construction and trade industry, where it was recently reported that £17.5 million worth of tools were stolen in 2020. On top of this, many organisations don’t know the best ways to recover different assets when they are missing or stolen.

So, if this has occurred with your company, here’s our advice:


Missing equipment or large company assets

Firstly, many of your valuables should be covered by an insurance policy, which is essential for business security. If assets such as company equipment, cars, phones, or any other valuables have gone missing, you should contact your insurance providers after searching thoroughly for them and filing a police report.

After this, the best attempt you can make for recovery is to search online or around your local area for the items.


Missing files or documents

These are unique from other company assets as, not only does insurance usually not cover them, their theft can pose major business security risks moving forward. This is why you should Dispose of Business Files Securely, and change any information you can if files go missing. If the documents in question have been stolen digitally, then attempt to wipe any missing devices remotely and Enhance your Cloud Security.


Other thefts

A few other items that can go missing have unique solutions. Keys to a company property are vital for maintaining physical security, so changing locks is essential after you’ve searched everywhere for them and contacted the police.

Meanwhile, any business deliveries that are stolen should be reported to the supplier and the couriers so that they can attempt to replace or recover them. And, if you have any doubts about what to do if something else is stolen, ensure the report that you file with the police or insurance company raises any issues.


Prevention is the best form of recovery for Business Security

Finally, given that only about 1% of stolen items are ever recovered, it almost goes without saying that prevention is the best policy when deterring the theft of business assets. Thus, we recommend you take the following measures:

Keep records of all of your company assets

Use digital trackers

Invest in both physical and Cyber Security measures

Lock and hide valuables

Encourage your staff to be responsible with company property


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