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Griffin self-delivery

Since 2004, police officers have been briefing about 100,000 workers a year about how to protect themselves against the threat of terrorism, and how to be vigilant against possible hostile reconnaissance. It’s done through Project Griffin, begun by the City of London Police.

In April 2016, as featured in the May 2016 print issue of Professional Security magazine, the official Government counter-terror body NaCTSO announced a new self-delivery version. Businesses and other organisations can have trainers Griffin-trained to then train their staff; the aim, to reach ten times the numbers so far.

Companies that wish to participate have to register with NaCTSO, to deliver Project Griffin – Industry Self Delivery. They will need to meet these criteria:

be a public limited company;
have an existing corporate training structure using accredited trainers;
operated within a ‘crowded place’ such as sports stadia, or hotels and the travel sector;
deliver all and any part of the NaCTSO Project Griffin product free of; and
sign a formal contract agreeing to abide by NaCTSO and Crown Copyright terms and conditions of use.

The NaCTSO website has a list of those already accredited, including such security guarding firms as Axis Security, Securitas, Broadland Guarding, CIS Security and VSG. For the full list visit


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