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Gathering Video Evidence course

The Hampshire-based training company Tavcom Training, part of Linx International Group, is supporting police forces transformation programmes, as they work towards the Policing Vision 2025 and adapt to the rise in digital evidence, with its Gathering Video Evidence course.

Earlier this year the CoPaCC National Police ICT User Survey results were published and topping the list of digital evidence challenges for the 3500 police in England and Wales that responded were issues relating to CCTV evidence. The main paint points are sharing of evidence electronically with prosecutors (52.5 per cent), manually collecting evidence such as CCTV video on site (51.8pc) and converting proprietary CCTV video to a playable format (51.2pc).

Developed with police and the Home Office, the Gathering Video Evidence BTEC Level 3 course was launched in 2009 to support the new role of image retrieval officers. Andrew Saywell, Sales Manager at Tavcom, pictured, says: “In the following ten years, CCTV technology and has undergone a transformation, along with the much wider digital evidence revolution.”

The three-day classroom-based course blends theory and practice, to help those involved with the retrieval of video evidence to overcome the challenges highlighted in the CoPaCC National Police ICT User Survey. The aim; to see police officers have timely access to better quality footage, which can be used for investigation and prosecution. Saywell adds: “The speed with which police officers can obtain video evidence can have a major impact on an investigation enabling charges to be brought faster.”

The Gathering Video Evidence syllabus includes:

· The impact of legislation on the retrieval of CCTV;
· The range of national guidelines associated with image retrieval by law enforcement;
· Customer relations when dealing with CCTV system owners;
· Risk assessment approaches when carrying out their duties;
· Evidence and exhibit management;
· Audit trail;
· Equipment required for the role;
· How CCTV systems work;
· Export methods and media used;
· Practical application of theory using DVR’s and NVR’s and appropriate paperwork; and
· Making a network connection between laptop and NVR to enable image retrieval.

The course runs next on November 25 to 27, 2019 and February 10 to 12, 2020, at Tavcom’s training centre. Successful completion of the course will result in the award of a BTEC Level 3 Certificate. The cost of the course is £1,150 plus VAT and bookings can be made at:


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