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Claire Humble launches Nuology

Claire Humble, the head of safety, security, and facilities at Teesside University in Middlesbrough, is embarking on a new venture; a training company aimed at the security sector, Nuology. Claire, pictured, has experience in Higher Education (HE) and the police, where she reached the rank of superintendent.

Nuology’s aim; to improve safety, security, and well-being standards across the HE sector, evolving the safety and security function and helping universities improve the student experience with impact on reputation, rankings, recruitment, and retention.

Services offered range from the benchmarking Healthcheck package, eLearning (introductory level already available) and in-person immersive training, to coaching, mentoring and strategic transformational consultancy.

She said, “I’m passionate about reimagining safety, security and wellbeing within our industry because, frankly, we can do better. The UK lags behind other leading educational destinations in student perceptions of safety, and miles behind the leader, Canada. We’re coming for them.”

A central part of Claire’s personal mission is transforming attitudes to Equality Diversity Inclusion (EDI) and high-performance culture.

“I know I’ve got a fight on my hands in some quarters, resistant to change. I’ve always tackled challenges head on. And this is the biggest of my career. There are many places where outdated attitudes towards safety and security provision are holding back the entire institution, damaging reputation through poor experience.

“In fact, students and campus users care a great deal about how safe and well they feel. And the UK as a whole is behind. Inertia is decline in our now global market. Whereas those who change successfully have a clear competitive advantage.”

Claire and her team’s eLearning packages have already been picked up by a number of universities including Heriot-Watt and York. And a new partnership has been struck with the International Foundation Protection Officers (IFPO UK&I) to supply their members.

While at Teesside for three and a half years, she’s played an active role in the university heads of security association AUCSO and was Chair of its Diversity and Equality Steering Group; on diversity she features in the June 2021 print edition of Professional Security magazine. Visit:


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