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Apprentices return

The second group of Security Systems Apprentices have returned from Denmark from a visit arranged through Skills for Security and the Leonardo Mobility Programme (EU Funding).

Luke Fox, CTM Fire & Security took the photograph in Copenhagen: from left to right; Luke Preston, CIA; Kieron Lees, CIA; (back row) James Raynor, EFT; Cedric Laubscher, Griffin Fire; Ross Leader, Allgood Trio; (front row) Stuart Mackenzie, EFT; Kyle Hesketh, EFT; Alan Boardman, Accompanying Adult, Preston College; Matthew Palmer, First Class Fire Protection Ltd.

The second of three groups of apprentices from 17 Electronic Security Systems companies throughout the UK have returned from EU fully funded work experience in Denmark, the first such programme funded through the Leonardo Mobility Programme for Skills for Security.

This has been in collaboration with the Danish Institute of Fire and Security Technology, Bravida, the leading systems installation company in Scandinavia, and the Leonardo da Vinci National Agency.

The 14 days in Copenhagen let apprentices experience operational practices overseas and develop their skills in the installation of security systems. They stayed in Danhostel Amager youth hostel, with their accompanying adult Alan Boardman from Preston College, and worked alongside Bravida’s engineers in the Copenhagen area.

Group 3 goes from June 15 to 29.

Some of Group 2’s feedback:

Alan Boardman – Group 2 accompanying adult:
“I’ve just returned from two weeks away on The Leonardo project to Copenhagen. I accompanied 9 Security and Fire Alarm Systems Apprentices and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Our friends at DBI and Bravida made us feel welcome from the beginning and were on hand at all times to ensure the visit was a success. The work placement for the boys was very much a two way experience both learning from the Bravida Engineers and sharing High standards of work and ideas from our own UK Industry and I would highly recommend this experience for all Apprentices.”

James Raynor – EFT – Group 2 Apprentice:
“I feel it was an opportunity to see how the industry I work in differs in another country. I have been able to take away ideas from the experience and may be able to put some into practice in the coming months. From this I hope to become an even more competent engineer in the future and feel that I have met some friends whom I expect to keep in touch with.”

Cedric Laubscher – Griffin Fire – Group 2 Apprentice:
“Working for Bravida has allowed me to look at my industry from a different point of view. I have now been able to take back with me to the UK and my company, things that they do better at Bravida and the Fire and Security Industry in Denmark and think that this experience has made me a better engineer.”

Matthew Palmer – First Class Fire Protection Limited – Group 2 Apprentice:
“I have gained lots of benefits from the mobility, I have become more confident in more work that I do and learnt parts of another language & I expect it to have an impact on my career in life because I want to work abroad at some point in my life…”


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