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VestGuard Covert Tactical Body Armour

The VestGuard Covert Tactical, worn either under of over clothing, is a special operations vest designed for tactical situations. Offering the highest levels of ballistic protection, the Covert Tactical is a popular choice for close protection operatives, maritime security and Special Forces across the world. The system includes multiple points of adjustment for individual fit. By utilising new materials, the Covert Tactical is lightweight, flexible, and thin in comparison to other vests on the market.

The Covert Tactical offers protection against handguns and fragments with pockets incorporated into the front and rear of the carrier for the upgrade of hard armour panels to increase protection against rifle fire such as the AK-47. This vest is available from stock in a wide range of colours and sizes to suit your individual requirements. Ideal for high-heat environments, the covert tactical uses the latest in modern day body armour technology from the UK’s leading manufacturer of personal protective equipment. Visit


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