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Hanwha Techwin in 2019

A confident and positive New Year message from Bob (H.Y.) Hwang Ph.D., pictured, Managing Director of Hanwha Techwin Europe.

Working ever more closely with distribution partners and leading system integrators and valuing the feedback they provide in terms of changing market demands has, according to Bob (H.Y.) Hwang Ph.D., delivered huge dividends for Hanwha Techwin in terms of devising a successful product strategy.

“We have enjoyed significant sales success over the past three years. There is no doubt that this is largely due to our ability to truly understand how the market is evolving, which we have been able to do with the help of our field based sales colleagues and our talented teams who have taken on board our customers’ feedback.” said Bob (H.Y.) Hwang Ph.D.

“In addition to introducing new cameras and recording devices, this has also driven us to work in partnership with third-party technology providers to develop solutions which are relevant to today’s market and provide our distribution partners and system integrators with a competitive edge. During 2019, our customers can be assured we will continue to be a market leader by taking advantage of emerging technologies which will enable them to achieve maximum value from their Wisenet video surveillance solutions.”

New products

Whilst Hanwha Techwin will be formally launching new additions to its Wisenet range throughout 2019, the company has given a strong indication as to what is in the product pipeline, including the following:

• With Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Deep Learning, which present new opportunities for a wide range of sophisticated applications, becoming more accessible to solution developers, Hanwha Techwin intends to introduce more which support the latest AI technology.

• The Wisenet 5 chipset, which is at the heart of the Wisenet X camera series, will be used in other camera lines, whilst there are plans to introduce an even more advanced Wisenet 7 chipset.

• An updated version of the Wisenet WAVE Video Management Software (VMS) which will offer improved scalability and inter-operability for medium sized installations, as well as a new version of Smart Security Manager (SSM) which is designed for entry level, legacy and special project, whilst continuing to cooperate with 3rd party VMS vendors for the high-end customers.

• A key attribute of the new products which will be introduced over the coming months is that they have all been designed to improve the installers’ experience and reduce operational costs.

Vertical markets

Hanwha Techwin intends to sustain its efforts to seek out opportunities to introduce new, innovative solutions to complement existing Wisenet solutions developed jointly with our technology partners for strategic vertical sectors, such as retail and transportation.

‘WE MOVE with trust’

Bob (H.Y.) Hwang Ph.D. believes the company’s Korean heritage and its core values of Challenge, Loyalty and Integrity, which are at the heart of its ‘WE MOVE with trust’ central marketing theme, have equipped the company to stand out from the crowd.

“To have a brand name which is trusted, it is of course not sufficient just to have products which are better than our competitors’ or for them to be more affordable,” said Bob (H.Y.) Hwang Ph.D. “We also need to demonstrate a long term commitment to provide customers with the highest levels of pre- and post-sales support.

“In this respect, our ‘WE MOVE with trust’ message encompasses respect for our distribution and solution partners, our passion for quality & service and an extended 5 year Warranty support which we offer to our STEP partners as part of a package of benefits to reward their loyalty and give them a competitive edge.


Hanwha Techwin has declared its intention to continually monitor and test cyber security risks using third party security agencies and a dedicated cyber security team. When necessary, it will release in quick time new firmware to counter the latest threats.

2019 and beyond

Bob (H.Y.) Hwang Ph.D. is predicting that 2019 will be another year of substantial growth for Hanwha Techwin. “This is an exciting time for our security business. The year has already begun well with the recent announcement that our new manufacturing facility in Vietnam is fully operational. This is just one of many reasons why I am confident we will continue to succeed and be competitive in a market that continues to grow. At Hanwha Techwin, we continue to ‘MOVE with trust’.”



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