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DETECTING CRIME ON THE MOVE VDT Develops Mobile Crime Detection Software

Video Domain Technologies (VDT) Direct Limited has announced the development of new web-based alarm receiving software which, for the first time, allows mobile security guards to monitor remote sites, and receive video alarms, whilst on the move.

The company, based in Nottinghamshire, worked alongside experts at the University of Leicester during the development of WebEye CMS.   

Hosted on the world-wide-web cloud infrastructure, WebEye CMS is readily accessible to many different cable suppliers.  It requires only a 3G-enabled phone, tablet or PC and can access video intrusion alarms live, as they happen. The development of this pioneering software represents VDT Direct’s first in-house researched and developed new product.  Previously the firm solely acted as a distributor and reseller.

As a result of the development, VDT Direct’s turnover has already increased by forty percent and a further 60-80 percent growth is anticipated next year.  The company is also taking on extra staff and is now considering the export of the software to the American market.

VDT Direct’s Managing Director, Clive Mason, said: “The collaboration with the University of Leicester has made a huge difference to the company.   We placed an employee within the University to gain knowledge in some very technical areas where we simply didn’t have the in-house skills to produce the software.  As a result of the knowledge transfer, we have been able to develop our own commercial piece of software which has really helped to move the company forward.” 

Clive added: “The most valuable thing we gained from the University is knowledge.  Yes, we’ve gained more business and more profit, but knowledge has been the most important aspect.  I strongly believe we need to encourage and retain highly skilled people in the UK to benefit the UK industry.  University partnerships are a great way to drive innovation forward and achieve business growth.”

Anjuu Trevedi, Director of Innovation Partnerships and Head of Regional Business Engagement at Leicester University said: “VDT Direct knew from the start what they wanted to achieve but didn’t have the skills in-house to do so.  They were passionate about supporting their employee to gain new skills and in growing the business and their desire and commitment to grow and innovate has been very contagious. VDT Direct is a good example of what can be achieved through partnering with the University of Leicester.”

More information on Video Domain Technologies Direct Limited and WebEye CMS is available from the company’s website:


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