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Retailers have had mixed news in the western world. Brand owners at the luxury end are experiencing growth due to the sales in Asia. In the western world there is a pressure from the online retail stores as well as the changing fortunes of the respective economies. The physical retail landscape is having to change and, paradoxically perhaps, the industry can use technology to improve their bottom line.

Technology can police inefficiencies in loss prevention for retailers such as “sweetheartening” and skimming from the cash register as 2 examples. Staff interaction with the customers also suffers if their focus is on shop theft which then effects or distracts away from the core customer. Customer service could be in the form of a missed sale but even in the form of feedback for a new product line which could be introduced. This is more easily communicated by the web as automated systems will not suffer the lapses that humans do (unless cyber security is compromised).

The audit is comprised of being able to asses what software and hardware the business currently deploys to then add, migrate or advise for a total change of their system. This audit links POS (point of sale), CCTV, inventory control (EDI) and staff systems. These links can be directed by the central office in a multi chain situation as well. The review will extend to the network capability and how to encompass the cloud as one of the vital components for any business, going forward, is data. Data capture, the analysis of it and the acting on it will change the retail procedures that business must start to use. We have found with our small business customers that by migrating over a course of time to the final solution they can manage their business and see the change. The training is an important factor to maintain the continuity as well.

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