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Voice Recorder

The VR-3000 voice recorder is from Storacall Voice Systems offering full time blanket or selective recording from analogue telephones, microphones, radios, lines, digital telephones and digital ISDN trunks.

With Call Logger port and CTI Connectivity to all leading telephone systems, the VR-3000 provides for multi-site network access to recordings, the makers report. The product integrates audio recording, databasing, regeneration and transcription to provide continuous unattended recording of audio data across telephone lines. The VR-3000 can be used either for basic recording solutions or more complicated integration with full project management, the manufacturers say. To search and replay recorded calls, enter a search parameter for calls then point and click to replay the recordings of interest back at your desktop PC. The system will also allow playback of different channels simultaneously giving a real time reflection on an incident.

On-line access

The product has scaleable on-line access offering as standard 2,500 instant on-line access with options of 5,000 hours, mirror or raid disk. Archiving is standard to DVD reusable disks. Dual archive and DVD Jukebox mass storage options are also available providing access to years of recordings. Security access rights can be programmed down to individual telephone extensions and the enabling or disabling of selected extensions or trunks from being recorded. Visit


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