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Optex BoundaryGard detectors are helping to prevent break-ins in the Lincolnshire area aimed at stealing scrap metal.

Established four months ago, Northern Motor Auctions, Scunthorpe, had 20 detectors installed as James Ronan, Director says: “Before we had any of the Optex detectors we had problems with a number of false alarms and therefore police call outs.

“But now we feel much happier in the knowledge our site is well protected, and that if we do have an alarm we are guaranteed that it will be a genuine problem, and something which needs to be dealt with.”

The installation was by Eyewatch Security, which provides North Lincolnshire, North East Lincolnshire and Yorkshire with security alarms, manned guarding, house alarms and maintenance. Managing Director of Eyewatch Security, Dean Bolton adds: “We previously used a variety of different brands of detector to monitor the boundaries of sites in the past, but were frustrated with the number of false alarms.

“We have noticed that because of the rising value in scrap metal, there is a marked increase in the amount of attempted break-ins. One evening a mobile patrol left the area and was alerted by the alarm going off. An intruder was attempting to steal some cabling from the rear of the site.”

Eyewatch is now moving away from relying on manned guarding due to the cost and because it cannot be reliable for 24 hours, as Dean adds: “The Optex detectors have eliminated 99.9 per ecnt of false alarms and from that success we have been asked to take over responsibility for the main building. We installed a M1000 alarm system to bring down the number of false alarms and police call outs.

“We now use only Optex for all of our installations, as there is not another product on the market I believe can give me the 100 per cent reliability and low false alarm rate that Optex can.”

Optex Europe’s Divisional Manager Paul Nicholas adds: “The Optex BoundaryGard range is the perfect solution for securing any site like Northern Motor Auctions where catch performance and stability must be achieved.”


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