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Shopwatch Launch

In Hampshire, the Hythe Safer Neighbourhoods police team is working with shopkeepers in the town to reduce antisocial behaviour and low level crime.

A Shopwatch scheme has been set up by police, Hythe and Dibden Parish Council and the Hythe Business Partnership. Around 40 shops have signed up to support the scheme so far.

Shopkeepers will report incidents of antisocial behaviour or criminal activity, such as shoplifting, in the shop or the vicinity of the shop to police. Once regular offenders have been identified they will be banned from all shops involved in the scheme for two years.

Hythe Safer Neighbourhoods Sergeant Kevin Gillespie said: “This is a brilliant example of the community working together to tackle anti-social behaviour and shoplifting. Decisions over whether to ban offenders will be made by the shopkeepers themselves with support from police.

“This scheme reinforces our zero tolerance approach to troublemakers, ensuring Hythe and Dibden remains a safe place to live, work and visit.”


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