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At this year’s Infosecurity Europe the Information Security Forum (ISF) – an independent authority on information security – will be promoting good practice in all areas of information security.

As part of this, Jason Creasey, Head of Research at the ISF is chairing a keynote presentation on ‘How to Mitigate the Enemy Within’.

It is estimated that as much as 80pc of security breaches occur from inside the company. This may be from embedded fraudsters, malicious or departing staff, third party contractors or supply workers – or most common of all, from naïve staff. The ISF’s keynote session will examine case studies where internal-origin breaches have occurred and examine ways to monitor and police staff particularly in respect of privacy. The expert panel will also discuss ways to protect and recover from self-harm incidents, drawing from company case study experience where staff integrity is recognised as especially critical.

Andrew Wilson, Senior Project Manager at the ISF will also be talking about practical ways to address information security threats from inside as well as outside organisations, when he takes part in the keynote panel session: Five Things to Go Away and Do to Secure the Future of Your Business.

You can visit the ISF on stand G921c. The ISF adds that it also produces the ISF Standard of Good Practice distilled from the best practice of major international corporations. The Standard is available from the website;


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