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Access In Schools

Schools and hospitals have to juggle the need to welcome authorised staff and visitors – with high peaks of pedestrian traffic – while guarding premises, particularly sensitive areas. These are among the points raised by John Rickard, Managing Director of access control manufacturer Videx Security UK.

John Rickard of Videx says: ?This is a steadily expanding sector of the security market. While no-one would wish to compromise on the adequacy of security measures, there have been several incidences of some companies convincing school boards that they must have far more sophisticated systems than are actually required.? One of Videx’s major customers in Scotland, Trioplan, covers schools. A distributor or contractor may call on Videx to implement customised adaptions to ensure systems meet each establishment’s needs. A common incorporation into the security system is a series of individual interface units. This allows the janitor to use a cordless telephone to respond to a visitor’s call when he is in a remote part of the building after hours.

John Rickard continues: “For most education buildings a simple Codelock on the front door will suffice; though preferences for speech or video links can be easily accommodated. The school, or its security consultant might also consider whether extension points for a video link, perhaps in the school secretary’s office, might be useful.”

In the equally sensitive and often pressured environment of hospitals, the wider public have to be given far freer access to corridors and wards. Numeric keypads, video entry and keyreaders can again sustain a suitable control. Despite doctors and nurses being able to easily go about their work, the public – or bogus personnel – are kept outside the area unless admitted by the person monitoring the intercom or video link. This could perhaps be the ward sister or clerk, VIdex suggest. In this way children and other vulnerable patients can be protected. The theft of drugs and other valuable commodities can be cut, Videx add.


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