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Tips for the home

Your home and its contents are very important to you and safeguarding your assets is something everyone needs to keep in mind, writes Dave Khan of Walsall-based Pro-guard Security Services.

The average house burglary is committed by an amateur or opportunistic thief so if you make some simple procedures part of your everyday routine you can decrease the chances of someone trying to break in to your home.

These simple tips will help you increase the security of your home and give you more peace of mind when you are not in.

Security tips

 Lock all doors and windows – This may sound like a no-brainer but many people do not check that all doors and windows are locked before leaving the house, these unlocked entry ways make a house an easy target. Simply conduct a walk-through before you leave the house checking all doors and windows are secure. Any problematic locks that don’t work properly should be replaced.

 Do not leave notes on doors when out – If you need to go out and you are expecting someone to call by do not leave a note on a door or window informing the visitor of your absence. This will act as an advertisement that the house is empty and attract opportunistic thieves.

 Make the house look occupied – Using timer switches for lights is a great way to make it appear that someone is home when in fact the house is empty. This will deter thieves so attach timer plugs to lamps in different rooms to create the impression that the house is occupied.

 Install suitable locks – Simple latch locks can be easily broken so for added security install dead bolts on entrance doors and additional locks on windows will make gaining unauthorised access much more difficult.

 Keep trees and bushes trimmed – Overgrown trees and shrubs near windows and doors can create perfect hiding places for thieves to work so ensure all the plants, trees and shrubs remain trimmed to keep these areas clearly seen.

 Install security lights – If the entrance ways to your home are dark you should install lights with infrared sensors as this will deter thieves from attempting to gain entry. A thief does not want to be seen trying to break in so a well lit house will be a much less attractive option for a would-be intruder.

 Have a Burglar Alarm installed – A professionally installed alarm system is an excellent deterrent as a thief is much less likely to choose a house that has an alarm compared to one that doesn’t. Should a thief choose to break in the alarm noise will give them less time in the house so less of your valuables will be taken. Monitored security alarms are also an effective theft deterrent as would-be thieves will know there is limited time before a security firm will arrive to check the house, making it a less desirable target.


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