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Supply chain warning

The IT sector faces security chaos because of critical gaps in the service supply chain that are being unaccounted for and ill-managed. That is according to a company that repairs business IT equipment on behalf of companies.


Glyn Dodd, managing director of Centrex Services, says: “It is unbelievable that data security and integrity is being lost and miss-managed at various points in the service supply chain, which is how the problem for the Trust occurred.” The firm believes that the maintenance sector has developed into specific silos of service; from diagnostics and scheduling to parts, logistics, field service and repair; and until responsibility is allocated, and there is recognition that the supply chain contains  very sensitive data, this hidden danger will continue to escalate to a critical level, it is claimed. 


Dodd says: “Channel partners in the maintenance sector are operating in silos and this has led to gaps in between operational activity. Data protection has slipped into these chasms and unless the sector acts upon this quickly, we place ourselves at risk of operating within a security minefield, with the potential for dramatic increases in data security breaches.”


About Centrex Services


Centrex Services says that using its leansource methodology, it can  manage every element of the supply chain from call handling to stock management, field service, logistics, repair and close.Centrex’s national information and call centre is in Newcastle and repair and distribution facilities in Milton Keynes and Ashington.For further information visit:


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