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September print edition

On desks this week is the September 2020 print edition of Professional Security magazine. As in recent months, we feature a mix of Covid-19 pandemic-related news and feature the crimes and threats that don’t stop for coronavirus, such as fraud.

We digest the parliamentary report simply titled ‘Russia’, that goes into what disinformation Putin’s state and its organised crime may be aiming at the UK, and what threats that might pose in terms of ‘influence’. Besides the well-publicised Skripal poisoning case in Salisbury, the report covers fraud and money laundering, and cyber attacks, as of most relevance to the private security manager.

We were among those who attended, remotely, the launch of the Security Institute‘s new special interest group (SIG) to promote diversity and inclusivity in the sector. That covers women, minorities, in fact everyone, the launch heard – because inclusivity is about including everyone, whatever their background. Speakers made the case for inclusivity as not only the right thing to do but in terms of business sense and reflecting what’s going on in society and other business functions.

We also listened in on all three days of Dr David Rubens’ ISRM (Institute of Strategic Risk Management) conference with more international visitors and speakers than would have been likely were the event a pre-coronavirus physical affair. With typical rigour David Rubens looked forward to what the next crisis might look like, besides ranging over what leadership was called for during the pandemic.

Despite the further squeeze on local government, we find further examples of councils that are ploughing up to £1m on going digital by replacing their 1990s or 2000s era analogue CCTV cameras and recording kit that is wearing out.

But our main feature is an in-depth look by personal safety trainer and workplace violence reduction consultant Jim O’Dwyer, of Aegis Protective Services, on the risks from pubs and clubs (once unshuttered) employing lone door staff, regardless of the extra work put on door and other pub staff due to enforcing social distancing rules.

Plus Roy Cooper’s gossip page for manufacturers, distributors and installers; four pages of ‘Spending the Budget’; more on resilience from Robert Hall of business membership body Resilience First; and four pages of new products and services.

The October edition will feature manned guarding; and high rises, as offices and related business occupants of tall buildings look to return to work – how will that work out, for those working from home since March, and the security and other support workers who keep such buildings ticking over?

If you would like to request a print copy of the magazine email [email protected]


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