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Deep learning to halt hackers

During the past few years, deep learning has revolutionised nearly every field it has been applied to, resulting in the greatest leap in performance in the history of computer science.

With many problems, for which we were used to seeing small, gradual improvements every year, we are now witnessing 20% – 30% improvements within months, due to the application of deep learning.

This success has also stirred lots of media and PR buzz, as a result of which, nowadays the terms “artificial intelligence”, “machine learning”, and “deep learning” are used very widely, and most often inaccurately and confusingly.

It’s important that we attempt to clarify, and demystify, the distinction between these technical terms, and then focus on their application to the field of cybersecurity, writes Eli David, Co-founder and CTO, Deep Instinct, on the World Economic Forum (WEC) website.

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