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Cyber war ‘under way’

An innovative and highly secretive cyber war is under way, according to a University of Leicester academic.

Dr Andrew Futter of Leicester’s School of History, Politics and International Relations has written an article for Think: Leicester, the university’s platform for academic opinion, on recent tensions between the United States and North Korea and the possible ramifications of cyber-attacks.

In the article he writes: “Tensions between the US and North Korea have continued to mount in recent weeks, and evidence has emerged that the Trump Administration may be seeking to neuter the growing North Korean nuclear and missile aspirations through the use of cyber-attacks.

“Whether US cyber-warriors based in undisclosed locations – likely just outside the Washington beltway – are responsible for recent North Korean missile failures and other suspected problems, it seems highly likely that an innovative and highly secretive cyber war is under way – and probably has been for years.

“The establishment of a norm that the use of cyber-attacks against critical infrastructure and weapons is unlikely to benefit anyone in the long run.”


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