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Bank Holiday tips

As the Bank Holiday nears most people want to have a well earned rest from work but for criminals it is a chance for them to target carefree holiday-makers. Opportunist thieves can operate anywhere and safety and security can easily be forgotten during the holidays. To avoid being a target give a few moments thought to your safety and valuables, police suggest. Their tips:



• Don’t leave valuables in your car.
• Keep your mobile phone in a safe place.
• Don’t leave your bags unattended.
• Secure your valuables in a safe place or keep them with you if really necessary.


Bob Bunney, Devon and Cornwall Police Crime Reduction Advisor, said: “To avoid theft it is always best if you don’t leave valuables on display in unattended vehicles or your holiday accommodation. When parking always try to leave your vehicle in a secure car park or a well lit area, activate alarms and immobilisers where fitted otherwise consider other security measures such as steering wheel locks.”    

If you are staying away from home in a hotel, bed and breakfast or self catering accommodation, lock the door to your room and keep windows shut. 

For your own home, consider asking a neighbour you trust to keep an eye on it for you if it is being left empty for a few days.

At campsites, police advise that you lock your tent or caravan, and store personal items such as ID or credit cards with site security or in their safety deposit boxes, or keep it with you.
If you are travelling, don’t drive if you are tired. Get a good sleep before you drive long distances and take regular breaks.


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