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NHS counter fraud guide

The NHS Counter Fraud Authority (NHSCFA) has brought together its online resources on types of fraud affecting the NHS. It follows a classification (taxonomy) of NHS fraud which is already in use by the NHSCFA, and a brief definition is provided for each of the fraud types included in the guide.

The NHSCFA, which is going through recruitment of a new chief executive, says the content of the guide will be expanded during the 2019-20 financial year, for example to provide fraud prevention advice and awareness resources.

Kevin Cane, Fraud Prevention Manager, said: “Our hope is that by raising awareness about different types of fraud affecting the NHS, the NHS fraud reference guide will make NHS staff, patients and the public better able to prevent fraud and to spot it where it occurs. This in turn will improve the NHS’s ability to deal with fraud effectively.”

For the reference guide visit It covers staff, patients, suppliers and others (such as someone using an NHS facility to which they are not entitled).

About the NHSCFA

It’s a successor to the NHS Counter Fraud and Security Management Service, covering England and Wales. You can report any suspicions or concerns about fraud in the NHS to the NHSCFA by calling its free, 24-hour reporting line 0800 028 4060 (powered by Crimestoppers) or completing the online form at


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