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IP video door entry

A case study of an IP video door entry system at Southern General Hospital, Glasgow. Part of a £800m renovation, it will become the largest hospital campus in Scotland and Comelit’s largest IP system outside London.

NHS Scotland required a system without restrictions on the number of entrance panels and monitors and one that was easily scalable, allowing for further expansion to accommodate new buildings within the extensive site. The ViP product from Comelit UK, part of the Comelit manufacturing group, was fitted as it’s possible to connect an infinite number of users in simultaneous audio and video conversations, with no distance limits.

Contractors for the hospital site, Brookfield Multiplex and Boston Networks, tasked Comelit with delivering a system running over a single dedicated LAN network to connect a 1109 single-bed adult hospital, as well as a 256 bed children’s hospital and 30 operating theatres. The network installed specifically for the door entry and Static Nurse Call system includes a total of 80 single-way systems combined to make an 80 entrance, 80-user single system. Internally, 60 virtual monitor dongles will be installed on Static Nurse Call tablets and touchscreen Windows 7 computers, for the management of visitors and staff coming in and out of buildings, and for staff to communicate between wards. The dongle can turn any tablet or touchscreen computer into a virtual door entry monitor capable of running the ViP software. Comelit has allowed for open SIP integration, meaning other third-party devices can be integrated. Some 20 Planux touchscreen monitors will also be used, allowing for control and customisation of certain functions.

Some 80 of Comelit’s Vandalcom one-button entrance panels, which can withstand vandalism and have an IK rating of 10, will be installed at each external entrance point, with six post-mounted entrance panels.

Comelit says that its ViP product is suitable for creating a large-scale video entry phone system suited; and is a peer-to-peer system (non-server based), thereby eliminating any central point of failure and adding to reliability the makers add. Southern General Hospital is due for completion in early 2015 and will become operational a few months later. From 2016, it will be one of four major trauma centres where specialist services are based. Brian Iceton, Comelit’s UK Managing Director, said: “The adaptability of our ViP technology meant that we were able to work closely with the contractors to supply a high-quality system which allows great flexibility, reliability and, above all, will keep all patients and visitors secure. We met the requirements specified by the developers and are proud to have been involved in such a large-scale public sector project.”



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