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G4S at Number 10

The guarding contractor for the G8 summit (featured in the July print issue of Professional Security Magazine) was thanked by Prime Minister David Cameron for its work, during a reception in Downing Street.

A private reception at 10 Downing Street was to thank people involved with the G8 Summit, hosted by the UK in mid-June. G4S was represented at the event by Eric Alexander, Managing Director of G4S Events, the events security arm of the multi-national company.

G4S officers secured attendees including US President Barrack Obama, Russian President Vladimir Putin and German Chancellor Angela Merkel. G4S managers Adriaan Brynard and Sue Bird also attended the reception with Eric, having been key operational managers on-site at the Lough Erne Golf Resort in Enniskillen, Northern Ireland. G4S points also to its work at the G7 meeting of finance ministers in May and the recent Bilderberg conference of world influencers in Watford.

After the reception, Eric Alexander said: “It’s fantastic to receive recognition from the Prime Minister that we did such a great job at the G8 last week. He made us feel really welcome and the mention we got in his speech was well received. I’d like to thank all colleagues who worked hard to plan and deliver our successful security package in Enniskillen last week. They were excellent ambassadors for G4S at this international event.”

Pictured: Eric Alexander and Adriaan Brynard, outside Number 10.


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