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DNA crime scene agreement

The UK and Australia have agreed to share DNA profiles from serious crime scenes. The Home Office Immigration and Security Minister James Brokenshire met Australian Justice Minister Michael Keenan to sign the agreement. Australia has joined the International DNA Search Request Network (SRN), whereby countries check DNA from unsolved cases against profiles held in another country.

James Brokenshire, pictured, said: “Signing this deal will allow information to be shared in a secure and proportionate manner that will strengthen our crime fighting capabilities and help solve serious cases like rapes and murders. The agreement represents the type of international co-operation and data sharing that is critical in an increasingly interconnected world, where criminals seek to exploit any gaps that exist to find safe havens for their activities.

This is also why the UK also intends to remain part of a smaller number of measures in the national interest that improve police and judicial co-operation within the EU. Given the large Australian community in the UK, I know that Minister Keenan is also keen that we continue to ensure that our police and law enforcement agencies have access to these measures to help keep all of our citizens safe from harm.”

Australia will join the UK, USA and Canada in the SRN. This will give UK police access to around 20 million profiles on three continents via a secure Interpol network. The authorities say that only good quality profiles from a single source related to serious, unsolved cases will be shared to help solve cold cases.


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