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Cop car disposal

Yorkshire and the Humber have made an agreement for the safe disposal and recycling of end-of-life police vehicles. After work by the recently launched Regional Procurement Team on behalf of the Home Office and National Association of Police Fleet Managers, will run for two years initially and provide a contracted means of disposal for end-of-life vehicles as well as the chance for forces to buy back non-safety related parts.


The new contract, with FAB Recycling Ltd, can and will be used by all UK forces and a number of other public sector bodies. It meets all legal requirements as set out in the Vehicle End of Life (ELV) Regulations 2003/5, The Motor Vehicle Salvage Operations Regulations 2002 and all other current relevant European waste legislation.

A number of police forces have already been using recycled parts for several years and have made considerable cash savings over purchasing new parts. In West Yorkshire for example, during the 2011/12 financial year, the force saved over £44,000 on re-cycled crash repair parts alone and a further £61,000 on all other re-cycled parts.

Steve Thompson, Head of Transport for West Yorkshire Police and the Regional Lead for Fleet in Yorkshire and the Humber, said:

“This contract not only provides a safe and effective means of disposing of end of life vehicles in accordance with all environmental legislation, it will also encourage a greater use of re-cycled parts across all UK Police forces hence providing for additional cash savings.”

Head of Regional Collaboration, Deputy Chief Constable Mark Whyman, said of the project: “I’m immensely proud of the work that has been carried out by our new Regional Procurement Team and our Fleet specialists in support of this initiative. Not only will this benefit the four forces of our region, but all other police forces up and down the country. It is a clear example of what can be achieved through effective collaboration.”

And Jason Cross, Managing Director of FAB Recycling Ltd, said: “I am extremely excited about the next two years and rolling out this innovative scheme to all UK Police forces. The savings Yorkshire and Humber have made using re-cycled parts to date are substantial and could not have been achieved without the pioneering attitudes of the fleet management teams. This contract holds huge potential for UK Police forces in terms of both financial and environmental savings”


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