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Teaching company security in 2021

company security training

Due to the unprecedented nature of 2020, the best methods for ensuring company security have shifted dramatically. With working from home now the norm for most businesses, data breaches have become more elaborate and online threats more numerous. Thus, emphasis on employee training may well be the future for ensuring the best company security. But what areas should this cover?


Email Security and Password Management

After setting up the basic cyber security protocols, such as antivirus software and firewalls, email account and password safety are a good starting area for employee training. Flawed email security is a common cause of company data leaks and hacks. Thus, teaching employees on spam filters and URL link verification, as well as principals such as not opening files from unknown accounts, is important here.

Moreover, a key aspect of email security is password strength. Company passwords should always be unique and complex, and teaching your employees the best practices or how to use password managers like LastPass is a good start. Your staff should also understand the need to renew passwords and gain an understanding of two-factor authentication from your training.


Malware, Virus and Scam Awareness

Ensuring that your employees are able to spot scams and use web browse safely on business devices is another essential to company security training. A lot of risk is posed by these threats. So, providing your employees with useful tips and examples of scams, whilst also Avoiding Fear-Mongering on The Dangers of Cyber Attacks, is highly recommended. You should also discuss more complex topics like the types of malware, spyware, adware, and loggers, as well as establish a standard safety conduct.


Social Media

With almost all businesses having social media accounts, this is another area that companies need to keep secure. Whilst it’s not where any essential data is stored, employees should still know about social engineering scams, privacy settings, and suspicious profiles. You can teach this through a mix of recommendations for using social media accounts and, once again, of case studies.


Physical Security and Mobile Protection

Whilst many employees will still be working remotely for the duration of 2021, you should still keep physical and mobile business security in mind. You can still look at the correct storage important documents as well as the best practices for locking and storing work computers, spaces, and other equipment. Alongside this, an understanding of mobile work risks like advice on public network use will ensure all areas of cyber security are covered in your training.

In addition, there is an added bonus of doing training in these areas. If later in the year part of your company moves back into an office space, the topics included under physical and mobile security could become some of the most relevant.


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