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Swing gates for comp

At Essex-based Woodbridge High School, the comprehensive has had installed new swing gates that automatically close and restrict access in the event of a lockdown.

Lockdown, according to the official National Counter Terror Security Office (NaCTSO), is a procedure designed to quickly restrict access and egress to a site or building (or part of) through physical measures in response to threat, either external or internal. Nactso meanwhile has brought out protective security advice to those responsible for managing the security of crowded places.

The lockdown system is designed so that the gates, at the school’s entrance, integrate with the access control and fob system. This enables school staff and visitors to access the site, but can be overridden and shutdown by authorised school personnel if site lockdown is required. Lockdown is activated through a button in the school’s reception, at which point an alarm is also raised. Redbridge council has asked that all schools in the area put lockdown systems in place, and Woodbridge High School is one of the first to have done it. Woodbridge has about 1,650 pupils and 170 staff across seven buildings.

The gates are fitted with a CAME Stylo automation. It features a 24V self-locking motor, that will stand up against intensive use, the installers add.

Frank Gordon, School Business Manager At Woodbridge, says: “No one enters the school without authorisation at the perimeter, and registration at reception. Each year we build further layers of security, and in today’s climate it is especially important to ensure our perimeter is as secure as possible.”

Delta has been working at Woodbridge for about ten years. Frank Gordon approached the London E8-based company to help on a lockdown procedure. Frank added: “Delta Security is a supplier we know and trust to provide a first-class service. Dave Mundy has extensive security knowledge and listens to our needs. He was therefore able to advise the best solution for us, and install within the school-holiday period to ensure minimal disruption. I would always recommend Delta Security to other schools.”

Dave Mundy, Operations Director at Delta, says lockdown procedures are becoming increasingly prevalent in schools: “We have seen increased interest from central London schools, especially around transport hubs such as St Pancras and Liverpool Street for a while now, and more recently in schools further out from the City centre. It is an area that I am particularly interested in, and give talks to schools on options and best practice.”


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