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Primary school install

Delta Security has upgraded the security and safeguarding systems at Hackney-based Woodberry Down Community Primary School, ensuring seamless integration between the multiple systems installed and providing enhanced safety for pupils, employees and property.
Included in the installation is the Ofsted-approved EntrySign visitor management system, a Salto access control system complete with integrated badges, CCTV that now monitors a greater area of the school, and new entrance gates.
Alia Choudhry, Federation School Business Manager working with Woodberry Down, says that a school’s security requirements depend on many factors including layout, perimeter fences and reception areas: “Delta Security appreciated our specific requirements and delivered a service that was unique to Woodberry Down. Dave Mundy, Operations Manager at Delta Security, took it upon himself to facilitate stakeholder meetings where we were able to discuss requirements and possible solutions. This included representatives from Skinners’ Academy, a local school that we plan to share a dual-purpose access gate with. Delta was very flexible in amending quotes and specifications, ensuring we received the best possible service and installation.
“Delta Security products are robust, easy to use and come with a supportive, aftercare maintenance package. The contractors are friendly, professional, efficient and fully understood the practicalities involved in working within a school, even working on weekends when required.”
And Dave Mundy says: “Ensuring the different access control and security elements work together is critical to the integrity of the total security they offer and also to their ease of use. Our engineers ensure that users get the best of the systems in place by giving full descriptions and demonstrations.”  

About the site

With its own playing grounds, Woodberry Down stands on a large footprint of 10,425 square metres. It has 550 pupils and is part of the Federation of Grazebook and Shacklewell Primary Schools. Delta Security has a long-standing relationship with the Federation and this has now been extended to include Woodberry Down.


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