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Online register

A new online register seeking to give fire safety and security businesses a new way to reach procurement decision-makers in UK schools has been launched. is a register of companies based on the recommendations of schools that have used their services. It is designed to give headteachers, school business managers and bursars information that will help them make buying decisions.

Incensu is the idea of Peter Melville, a Thurrock-based school business manager. He said: “In the current economic climate there is increasing pressure on schools from governors and parents to make budgets go further.

“In order to be confident as an SBM in justifying my spending I first need to be confident in the companies I am spending with. I want to know a company has the expertise in their industry as well as the experience of working in an educational setting. I found school procurement a minefield – many companies were marketing their services to schools but it was hard to know objectively which businesses to choose because it just wasn’t easy to get word-of-mouth recommendations from schools.”

Companies can only register with Incensu if they have been recommended by a school. Once on the register, free to join, businesses receive the Incensu registration mark to show that they are trusted by the education sector, and a profile which contains testimonials from schools that have used their services. The profile also includes quality marks from educational bodies and industry figures, and links any buying groups the business might belong to.

“The feedback from schools and companies about Incensu has been incredibly positive,” Peter Melville adds. “It’s just confirmed my belief that this resource was much needed by both sides.”

Premier Fire Systems Limited, a commercial fire and security company, is one of the businesses already registered. Andy Cowen, managing director of the Essex-based installer, said: “We provide many schools with new fire and security systems and 24/7 support, and realised that we could have more business if we came recommended. We have signed up to the premium package and are really pleased and excited to market through Incensu.”

Bruce Doy, chairman of Essex School Business Manager Forum, said: “This is a refreshing approach to school procurement that provides school business managers with more information about the companies wanting to work with schools and who are working with schools elsewhere.”

Incensu has also established partnerships with national bodies including the Finance Directors Forum – a collaboration of 900 school business managers from across the country – and the IAAS (Independent Academies Assured Services), a quality mark initiative from the Independent Academies Association The Incensu website is at


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