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Biometric student management

Human Recognition Systems has fitted a biometric student attendance and management system for the higher education division of a UK training provider, QA. According to the installer, the product offers mobile, real-time identification to monitor student attendance during teaching sessions, and removes the need for manual capture and processing of information. MVerify flags unauthorised absence so administration staff can act.

Besides reducing the costs and complexities around Home Office Tier 4 obligations, MVerify increases student engagement with their course of study, the exam . If preferred, the data can be fed into an institution’s Student Information System. At QA, Human Recognition Systems recently integrated MVerify with the Tribal SITS:Vision Student Information System.

Mike Brown, IT Director at QA, said: “Monitoring student attendance not only ensures conformity to the relevant Home Office regulations, it also allows us to track the student’s progress throughout their studies – there is a proven correlation between course attendance and excellent academic performance.

“The deployment of Human Recognition Systems’ MVerify platform has played a key role in the automation of our student attendance registration and monitoring. It has been well received by staff and students due to its ease of use and speed. To date we have 100 percent student fingerprint enrolment and identification in class, processing on average 800 attendance transactions per day with student identification and registration achieved within just three seconds. Prior to MVerify, all of this data would have had to be manually collated, recorded and processed.”

Neil Norman, Founder and Managing Director, New Markets at Human Recognition Systems, said: “MVerify provides a versatile identity verification solution to institutions where the cost of failing to properly manage identity can be significant.

“Within the education sector, failure to effectively monitor the attendance of Tier 4 students can lead to a significant administrative overhead and even a reduction in the number of Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) an institution can assign. There is also a risk the institution will have their sponsorship licence for international students revoked. The resulting impact is a large loss in revenue and reputation, particularly if there is a large intake of international students.”

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Pictured: Students record attendance with MVerify handheld device

About Human Recognition Systems

Human Recognition Systems (HRS) delivered the technology underpinning four of the largest biometric deployments in the UK including at the London 2012 Olympic Village.


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