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Warwicks review

Police are asking shops and businesses in Warwickshire to review their security so that they are less vulnerable to crime following two suspicious incidents that occurred in the north of the county.
On 23 January at Coleshill Road, Atherstone and then again on 25 January at Tamworth Road, Kingsbury two white males and one black male all aged mid-late 30s have attended both locations in a blue BMW saloon car and have acted suspiciously in shops and business premises around these locations.


These males have been seen to try fire exit doors and assess the general security of premises. Please call 999 if you see anyone acting suspiciously around a shop or business.

George Stepney Crime Prevention Manager said “At this time of year thieves and robbers may look to shops and businesses to provide them with extra cash.

Shops can be vulnerable to robbery, especially at closing times so officers are urging shop managers to make sure that they bank their cash regularly and have sufficient staff on hand to deter criminals who may be mixed in with last minute shoppers. Shop staff are also urged to keep handbags and mobiles locked or hidden out of sight.

Shops selling high value goods such as jewellery are urged to increase staffing to cover the door to screen people entering and exiting the shop.

“In particular, take special care not to be distracted when offering high value items for inspection by potential customers even if you think they are cash buyers and your guard drops – check the item back into stock before the customer leaves the store.”

To deter burglars when businesses are shut overnight or at the weekend, Warwickshire Police has also issued the following crime prevention advice to help businesses protect their property and belongings.

Do not leave cash on the premises

Leave till drawers open or remove them so a potential thief can see there’s nothing to steal

Close and lock internal and external doors

Remove spare door keys from the premises, or lock them away securely.

Check all windows are locked and closed.

If possible, lock away valuable property.

If on site parking is available, leave vehicles on your premises.

Remove vehicle keys from the premises or lock them away securely.

Consider visiting the premises to move from view any post that may have been delivered.

Do not leave any rubbish outside your premises that could be used to start a fire.

Remove any item left outside which might help a criminal to break in.

Ensure your key holder list with Police Safe is up to date.

Ensure you have updated your internal key holder details and call out lists.

Back up all your computer systems and store a copy of your data off premises.

Ensure your computer virus software is updated before downloading email or using the internet.


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